You could hire a stump grinding machine, or hire a stump grinder…

Trust me on this one, I think I speak with authority. You can hire yourself a stump grinding machine if you really want to, but I reckon you’d be far far better off hiring a stump grinder – that is to say, hiring us.

Yes, you can pop to the local hire centre to pick up a rental machine. Then go to another one that actually has one. Then go to another one that actually has a working one. And you can work out how to get it to your house, or rather have them deliver it for you. On time, or at least the right day.  You can probably even pick a small pedestrian machine up for about £100, maybe plus vat, plus delivery, plus insurance.

If you’re lucky you’ve got one with new, sharp, cutting teeth – they make a HUGE difference. And hopefully they’re of the modern type which don’t break too easily, and have been tightened correctly. If you’re really lucky they’ve included some free spares too, and if you are on course to win the lottery next week, they’ve also showed you how to change them and have included the (correct) tool kit too. Oh yeah, you did get one with a turntable on for less wasted energy?

Terrific, you’re all set to go.  Just do your underground services survey before you break ground. Oh, wait!? A what? Well, you don’t want to risk going through an electric cable do you, or maybe the cable tv wire? (Maybe you’ve not got a teenager in the house so it won’t matter quite so much that they’re out of wifi for 2/3 days…). You could always risk it without a scan with the CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool), after all you’re not going THAT deep are you?

So, you’ve pressed on…?  Just put up your debris guards then. What, wait again? OK, debris guards help to stop the wood, earth, stones and other nasty bits from flying everywhere and mucking up your garden, smashing the windows, denting the car, and taking someone’s eye out. Yes, we usually use 2 or 3 of them. You’ve got a bit of plyboard in the garage… ok, carry on – just put on your PPE.

What, really, stop again? OK. PPE or personal protective equipment is really useful if you want to be able to see again after you’ve finished grinding the stump. You should be able to hire this from the shop, surely they said so?  The debris can fly around a bit and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been saved by a full face visor. The machines can be really quite noisy too, so the ear protection is a must too. Don’t forget the gloves, and non snag clothing. Good thick trousers are handy, but even then expect a couple of stone hits on the shins – but they soon heal up.

Right, so you’re about to start, engines warm, fuel tanks full – go for it, just use the technique you learnt in your training session and you wont go far wrong. Really take control of the machine and use just the right speed and amount of pressure – I find there’s most strength in the legs. Do hang on tight and take a good firm stance – those kickbacks when they occur can really wind you if you’ve not got the right posture.  Make sure you go deep enough – the industry standard is 6″ below ground level but anyone doing a proper good job will go way more than that, unless there’s a good reason not to. Yes, sorry, the underground bit is the hardest work – you might try digging a bit of the spoil away and you’ll find the machine doesn’t stall so much.


Just call us instead. We’ll give you a fixed price, and do it all for you. It’s what we do, all day, every day.
We’re the experts. The professionals. Fully trained, experienced, insured.

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