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Please tell us what work you’d like to be done. We’d particularly like to know:
* How many stumps, and the diameters at the top and ground level of each stump (only tell us about the height if it’s more than 12” tall)?
* Are there any additional items, such as large or surface roots to chase out?
* What is the access route like to bring our machinery to the stump?
* Are there any gates or other restricted dimensions, bends or corners to go through?
* Are there any changes of ground level or steps?
If you’ve some photos of the stumps and/or access, please do send them to us using the button below.
Tree stump grinding & tree stump removal services in Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire

Our speciality is stump grinding: there’s no stump too big or too small!  Tree stump removal is our core business – it’s stumps, all day, every day.  But if you need the tree removing first, we’re also very capable and happy to handle this for you too.

There’s no stump too big or too small!

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