This is really important to us. We take this very seriously, everyone involved in our business. It really matters.

We recognise that we’re not really able to be one of the good guys here in terms of CO2 emissions. We drive big heavy vehicles around, dragging big heavy trailers, with big heavy petrol / diesel engines which run all day, grinding up tree stumps.  But there are some things which we can do, and have done, and we do have plans for the future, as soon as the technology and production catches up.

For instance, our petrol chainsaw has been replaced with an electric chainsaw. It’s only a small thing, but a move in the right direction.

Similarly we plan our jobs around the most efficient use of transport time and fuel – this makes sense on every level, not only saving us and our customers money but minimising CO2 emissions.

The grinding machines haven’t yet caught up with the battery revolution, but we expect one day that will come and we’ll be there to embrace it as an early adopter.

The really big thing for us which is on the horizon and getting closer with every month that passes is the replacement of our diesel pick up truck with a battery equivalent – and for us there’s only one choice really, and that’s the TESLA Cybertruck!  Yes, it’ll cost us a fortune, but it will also save us a fortune and make a significant contribution to saving the planet too… and that’s what motivates us.

Of course, our product – the grinding of tree stumps – can be thought of as equally green! We effectively enable people to replant more plants and trees whereas they wouldn’t have been able to without our services.  In fact over the last few years, it’s been a pleasure to see one particular local council that we regularly work for re-plant many trees in the sites where we have taken old stumps out.

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