Grinding a large tree stump that had been dug out first (and failed)

large tree stump dug aroundlaerge tree stump dug around part way through grindinglarge tree stump dug around after grinding

Sometimes digger operators think they can work miracles and simply pull large tree stumps out of the ground. Now, the bigger the digger the more likely they are to succeed – and potentially cause significant collateral damage.

Once the stump is out of the ground, you’ve then got to consider how to get rid of it (and move it!). Have you ever asked the skip hire people if they can take large tree stumps – perhaps you should just grind it!?

These photos show a lovely job of someone having spent a considerable amount of time and effort digging out the stump, but to no avail. Seriously, can you imagine how many hours or days effort went into this?  The second photo shows the grinding machine just starting the grind, and you might wonder how it’s going to fare falling into the crater that has been created; and the third shows the finished result with nothing more than a lovely pile of wood / earth mulch left filling the hole.

I can tell you I was in and out of this job in a little over an hour!  In a number of ways is was made easier by the excavation, but at the same time this also made the job more difficult and considerable skill and experience was required to safely complete it and recover the grinding machine for use another day.

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