Why, oh why, didn’t I call you earlier!?

One of our favourite phrases we like to hear from our customers is, ‘Why, oh why, didn’t I call you earlier!?’.

It makes us feel valued of course, but more than this, it acknowledges the tremendous amount of work there is usually involved in taking out a tree stump – and that work is pretty tough work unless you’re armed with the right tools for the job.

It usually goes a bit like this (this is a condensed version, but you’ll get the idea):

<Phone rings> Hello, TreeStumpers, how can we help?

Client: Hello, can you finish a job off for me please. I started it but I’m stuck. It’s only a small stump and I’ve dug all around it.

TreeStumper: Yep sure, I’ll be there in a couple of days…

<skip to Clients house>

TreeStumper: Rightho, so it’s just that little one over in the front garden, about 8″ diameter?

Client: Yes, I’ve been at it all last week, I’ve broke my spade & my axe, my chainsaw blade keeps blunting off as soon as it touches the soil, it’s not shifting one bit, and I’m bloomin knackered and I think I’ve buggered my back up. I give in. You get on to it, and I’ll make you a cup of tea.

TreeStumper: Leave it with me.

<skip forward 20 minutes>

Client: <bringing out tea> Ah sorry, I forgot the tea as the phone rang, here you go… oh!? You’ve done already? How…? Who…?

TreeStumper: <packing up the purpose built machinery> Yup, it’s what we do and this little beast <points to the serious bit of grinding machinery> doesn’t take any prisoners. That’ll be just £90 please, I’ll send the invoice by email and you can pay by bank transfer.

Client: Why, oh why, didn’t I call you earlier!?


You see, as with so many things, it’s horses for courses. You wouldn’t expect a £30 axe to do the same job as quickly and effectively as a £30,000 piece of specialised equipment. And you’d certainly expect the latter to do a great job. Well, that’s also down to the operator, but that’s another story and you get the idea?

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