What does it cost to remove or grind a tree stump?

Isn’t that a good question!? Would £150 sound about right? Depends upon the size of the stump of course and how it can be dealt with.

A closer answer I suppose depends upon what costs you choose to include.

Let’s say that you choose to only include the immediate and visible costs that perhaps you as a customer might see. These would be perhaps the travel costs to the job, the fuel costs whilst running the machine, and the pay of the operator while he completes the job. That job may take only perhaps an hour, most do.
So on that basis, say £5 for transport fuel, £5 for grinder fuel, and £20 for the operator. A total of £30 – an absolute bargain for everyone involved?

So why then, is this same customer expected to pay £150 for such a simple and cheap job?
The answer to that lies in the detail – and is why many one-man bands ultimately fail through poorly thought through business planning. And having a cheap and poor amateur in the business doesn’t help anybody.

Let’s look in more detail at the overheads of running an example typical small business:
Premises (sometimes optional) £400 / month
Public Liability & Business Insurance (plant/tools etc) £100 / month
Vehicle running costs £200 / month
Vehicle provision / replacement costs £350 / month
Vehicle fuel costs £400 / month
Marketing £500 / month
Communications £100 / month
Accounting £100 / month
Plant / machinery provision / replacement £ 600 / month
Plant maintenance / repair £300 / month
Plant running costs (fuel & consumables) £750 / month
Wages £2000 / month
Pension / NI contributions £400 / month
TOTAL £6200 / month

Now let’s say our businessman can manage to do 62 completely average jobs a month (that’s about 3 jobs a day), every month of the year (without holiday or sickness), those overheads amount to £100 a job. That’s before the company has made any provision for: things going wrong; for not having a full order book every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year; giving himself a holiday or allowing time off for sickness; inclement weather; national crises; theft of equipment; damages.  All of these extra factors could easily add up to perhaps another £50 per job.

All of the above is considered before actually making a profit to put back into the business for development and the future.  So the average £150 job has been covered completely in costs, before the business has actually made any profit at all, on average.

£150 for an average tree stump removal? Very good value if you ask me.
You should expect to pay a little less for smaller stumps, more for larger stumps; and expect some economies of scale for multiple stumps.

If you’re after a quote, and are open & clear with us about the number, size and location of stumps, we promise to give you our best quotation and guarantee that price on a fixed basis – we will not increase the price despite how long it takes us to complete the job (or at least what is possible to complete).  Sometimes, usually for very large or commercial projects, it may be more appropriate to engage us on a day rate basis – where we work for a fixed amount of time for a fixed fee and grind / remove as many tree stumps as we can in that time. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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